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Ylla by Doofus-the-Cool Ylla by Doofus-the-Cool

Now that that's out of the way, I have some explaining to do. Ylla is one of the oldest worlds I created and has an entire history of its own. Four continents out of which three I pictured here, also an original one from which these spawned, much like Pangaea of primordial Earth.

The biggest continent is Erelian In the north, with its seven kingdoms under the rule of the Flame Emperor. The central kingdom, Armil, is the green one with hills and mountains, bordered by the desert in the south, a swamp in the north east and a river in the west. Its capital, and by association the capital of the entire Empire, is Isiris, the Gem of Moon Kings, City of Towers and so on. Other great cities listed are Vundagord, the greatest trading city of Erelian, Whitecastle, the city of artifacts, Sabria, which guards the only safe route into the swamp. Farinia which guards the valley leading into the desert, and Blackmaze, the underground fortress-city.

Up in the far north are the five clans of frozen Asmiril, whose floating cities patrol the Northern Sea tirelessly. The leading clan would be the Ice Clan, the two warrior clans are those of the Wolf and the Tiger, the Kai Clan produces mages and monks, and the Eagle Clan trades with the southerners for supplies and materials. Those born of Asmiril are fair and beautiful people with pale skin. Asmiril considers Nollom allies, begrudges Aqvaras for certain reasons and outright despises Sabrion on the southern edge of Erelian, as well as Armil, who they consider oppressors.

A little to the south, just north of Armil, we have the treacherous swamplands of Aqvaras. Both the Emperor and Asmiril tried to colonize the region with various degrees of success. New Isiris and Rirz on the western half were built by order of the Emperor, while Balnan, Grenu, and the capital Salky were established by the eponymous hero of Asmiril, Salky dzu Kai (of the Kai Clan). Aqvarasi consider Hardragor and Sabrion their dear friends, Asmiril their progenitor and Arkanes their fated enemies.

To the north west is the small kingdom of Elian, it's capital Eisht and two cities Blaga and Sabad having broken off of the great Nollomian Empire of times long past. The Nollomian Archives and arguably the Hefmian Archives on the other side of the continent are also their territory. They regard Nollom with enmity and regard Armil as dear saviors, holding Asmiril and Sabrion as close friends.

Nollom in the west, once a great empire was reduced to the mountainous region it is today, fact that fuels their spite for Armil and friendship for Asmiril. Their name comes from the great moon dragon Nollom, who they revere as the lifegiver Goddess of man. Their capital, the Sun Fortress, hidden in the southern mountains, is more of a scholarly city, its observatories and libraries famous throughout Ylla. Ravenlords guards the entry to the desert, from which savage Arkanesi send raids from time to time, while Panamar watches the northern borders for suspicious activity from Elian. Ninje and Sala in the mountains are training cities for warriors, paladins and assassins, while Melmea is the main trading city of the former empire. Thogr is Nollom's only city with access to the ocean. They regard Arkanes as pitiable and regressed, and openly hunt any Hardragori on suspicion of harboring the Dark of Hardragor within.

Southernmost are the red fields and stone forests of the Sabrioni wasteland, from where the majority of Erelian's rivers come. The capital, Grand Umnah, is the only route into the region save for the mazelike valleys between the stone pillars. The three tribes, Blood, Scorpion and Serpent supply the kingdom with fine fighters, while the Refuge harbors the young and elderly, and in dire times the women and wounded, ready to send them out to sea. Arkanes are Sabrion's dear brothers, and Aqvaras their trusted allies, while Asmiril is their enemy from time immemorial.

Just north of Sabrion is the great desert of Arkanes, warlike people of honor. South of the pass leading to Armil was once their capital, before it was almost completely destroyed in the last Arkanesi war, known to us today as Lost Osyr. The new capital, Kragta, is more centralized, and alongside Guvumt it trains soldiers. Odjn and Hregt are trading cities with exotic goods, from where most of Arkanes' income is produced. Most of Erelian regard Arkanes as savage, Nollom downright pitying them and Aqvaras harboring enmity from old times, their only allies being Sabrion, who they originate from.

Noteworthy is the old Scholarly Road between the two Archives, which passes through several cities: the ruined Lost Osyr in northern Arkanes, Ravenlords and Panamar in Nollom and Blaga and Eisht in Elian. Built before any empire or kingdom, it served as a pilgrim's road in search of knowledge, the cities it passes through harboring great libraries with knowledge long lost.

Hardragor is a much smaller continent to the south east of Erelian, vaguely reminiscing of a spider. It's official name, the Nine Kingdoms of Hardragor, comes from the nine provinces, all in fact ruled by one king loyal to the Flame Emperor. Izshitar, the central province, green hills giving home to the island's nobility is also the seat of power. The vast fields and grasslands of Fia to the south produce many fine Paladins and their neighbors to the east, from the desert of Trelum, is a great academy for monks and healers. Just north east, in the bay and island of Rasul, mages are thaught everything about the elements, while in the westernmost wastelands of Morras, summoners learn their trade. Up in the north eastern swamplands of Lagos breeds fine warriors that endure the harshest of weathers, while Karesh's mountains slightly to the west trains assassins to assist Hardragor's army. In the north west, the islands of Arda are home to fleets of pirates and dens of thieves, while the forests of Erai are famous for their skilled rangers.

Hardragor is a dark land, legends of an ominous curse still abound since the time the provinces fought each other. The Dark of Hardragor is a disease of magical origins, present in all Hardragori, ready to take over when the host gives in to despair, sorrow or similar negative emotions. It slowly corrupts the host from within, the only outward sign being that the white of their eyes turns black. Those under the disease's influence will slowly become dark and brooding, until the final stage sets in, when dark magics surge into their body and they become avatars of the Void in both body and mind, bent on destruction of the material world. Nollom hunts Hardragori arduously because of this, while Aqvaras offers them refuge when they visit Erelian.

The Islands of Anogar in the cold south are the home to three provinces. From the northern peak of the largest, crescent moon shaped island to the southern end of the stone pillars is the domain of mages; Anogar is famous for its people's natural affinity to magic, after all. The southern icelands and the smaller island are home to the most hardened southern fighters, bear sized people with inhumane strength and endurance, which they need in their home's harsh environments. The island in the north east, more specifically the cold desert on its southern half, gives home to rogues, thieves and their like, swift of hands and swifter of tongues.

Magetower is an academy for all who show inclination towards the arts, but throughout the years a city was built around the great tower on the northernmost shores. The four villages it administrates, Ere, Ghafa, Ulwo and Havo all specialize in one of the elements. The ancient, great desert tower Omok looks over the cold desert and its three settlements, Nad, Gathel and Niota. The icy plains of the smallest island harbor Eredet, the frozen tower, which looks over the small snowy village of Surn, and barely towers above the southern mountains to see Irj on the bigger island. Most ominous of all, Ancient Azorathiel, tower of the long dead chaos sorcerer, holds many secrets and valuable knowledge, but none dare set foot inside.
Indiliel Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Wow! That's a really awesome world you created there! I love doing maps myself :aww:
You added so many nice details both in the description and the map =)
I think I would like to be in Anogar right now. I could do with a cold area :D
Doofus-the-Cool Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll be doing closeups of every region as well, including lore :) Already did Asmiril. And haha, who wouldn't want cold right now :XD:
Anyway, thanks a lot :)
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